Oil Piston Distributor

Oil Piston Distributor

Oil Piston Distributor

DT - series

  • The system include DX/DT series distributors, and YET/YA series lubricators via customer’s demands.
  • Lubricate at steady flow rate in every cycle.
  • The oil viscosity and lubrication time do not affect the flow rate.
  • The system needs to cooperate with the lubricators including pressure release devices. Pressure switch is recommended to be added.
  • The system is recommended to applied on the lubrication with higher requirement level.


01. Oil discharged from the pump pushes the mushroom valve upward.
02. As the mushroom valve plugs the outlet hole, the pressure pushes the piston downward.
03. The storage completes as the piston moves the bottom.
04. When the pumps stops, the pressure decreases and the piston recoils to bring the mushroom valve backward and plug the inlet hole. Oil discharges.
05. As the pump works, the previous cycle repeats.

ModelNo.of output boresABoutput  volume (cc/stroke)
DT-20027539-430.1   0.16   0.2                0.3  0.4    0.5

Note: Because of continuous improvements, above specifications are subject to change without prior notice. 

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